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Buying a book

In this page is explained the purchase options of a book. If you only want to get more information, without buying it, you should go here.


A book is a container of information. When you buy a book you are not only buying the information, but also the container.

KNACK: To know if two books are exactly the same (same contents, language, binding, publisher, year, etc) you can compare the ISBN (International Standard Book Number). The ISBN is a 13 or 10-digit number that uniquely identifies one book or edition of a title from one specific publisher and is unique internationally to that edition.

Price depends on many factors:
  • Issue or edition. Some can be identical in contents, only diferring on the publisher or binding. Many differ only in the preface and minor mistakes put right. Others can be enlarged with new chapters.
  • Language. You can have the same contents translated in different languages.
  • Binding. Hardcover is always more expensive than soft cover.
  • Second-hand. This is the only way to get great books that are not published any more. Usually, second-hand books are used books, but they can also be unused and be in perfect conditions. Most people do not collect books. They buy a book, read it and then sell it, directly or through a second-hand book store. Ex-library books are a similar case but they always have some marks and writing in the first or latter pages.
  • Condition. Used books can be like new and be much cheaper. Nevertheless, they can also be more expensive, if they are rare or collectible items.
  • Location. Usually the books are cheaper in the country where they have been published.
  • Offers. To reduce their stocks, many bookstores sell new books at attractive prices.
  • Currency. when you pay in a foreign currency you incur several expenses.
  • Shipping cost. This is, probably, the extra cost that increases more the total price of your book.


You can buy the books:

  1. As an exception, directly from us.
  2. In any of the Amazon warehouses or
  3. In any of the marketplaces that Amazon has organised.

We link all the books in our listings to Amazon which has demonstrated to be the biggest, safest, most reliable and customer-oriented on-line bookstore worldwide.

Obviously, you can try to find the book in any other bookstore or library. And also directly from the publisher, but all these options will probably be more expensive and time-consuming.


Where to buy



1 Directly from us As a general rule, we do not sell books. But for different reasons we have one or two spare copies of some titles that we offer at discounted prices, as second hand books in order to eliminate duplications in our own library. Most of them are brand new, unused and in very good conditions. Some have very small faults. These temporary exceptions can be ordered clicking on the button 'On Sale'.
2 Amazon warehouses We link the books in our listings to Amazon, in our opinion, the biggest and safest on-line bookstore worldwide.

Amazon has several warehouses over the world: USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Canada, China... To all purposes, they act as if they are independent bookstores, except in the fact that you only need to create an account once in any one among them. Your account will be valid in all the warehouses, which makes the buying process much safer and simpler.

The book of your interest can be available in some warehouses, sometimes with a significant difference in price. For the same book, we link together several Amazon stores, so you can instantly compare availability and prices (thought this fact delays the downloading of our pages). You can order from the Amazon location most convenient for you. Take into account that shipping costs depend on the origin and destination. Prices can be listed in different currencies. You can use the currency exchange rates published by

Don't forget considering the delivery time and the local taxes (usually not applicable).


Either from the Amazon warehouses or from the Amazon marketplace, firstly you need adding the books to the shopping cart, and then, check-out giving the shipping and payment details.

If you desire buying only a part of the books but maintain the rest for future reference, move these last to the "buy later" list. When you execute the checking-out you only buy the books in the cart at that moment.

If you don't like keeping the references, you can delete them manually or they will be erased automatically after 90 days.

What about the cookies?

When you visit the Amazon website your browser receives and sends small amounts of data about your previously visited books. Those data are the cookies. Cookies do not attempt against your privacy. Although Amazon may use your Amazon cookies to determine whether you are a recognized Amazon visitor and to offer personalized content (such as product recommendations) and special offers, they do not keep or attempt to construct a record of the websites you visit.

Does Amazon share with third parties any information collected about you?
. No personal information about customers who view, click, or purchase is shared with third parties.

If something fails, please check that your browser is accepting the cookies that Amazon sends to your computer.


3 Amazon marketplaces There is one local marketplace associated to each Amazon warehouse.

While Amazon warehouses only sell new books, the marketplaces are virtual markets where other bookstores offer the same books, new or used, with the same guarantee and payment methods of Amazon. Prices are different.

To go to the marketplace of one country directly from our listings and see the alive offers for a book at that moment, click on the corresponding link "best price", "mejor precio", "meilleur prix" or "bester preis". From the Amazon websites, you can also go to the corresponding marketplace clicking on the [options to buy] or [used & new] links in the book's page.

Please, notice that not all the bookstores in the marketplace send books abroad.

Shipping costs for the books sold from the warehouse or from the marketplace are not necessarily the same.




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